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Old 09-22-2007, 08:43 PM
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Default Shonnpaul

A little bit about me and my life (born 1969) I grew up in a very creative and artistic house hold my mother would teach art classes and my father was a auto mechanic ( own and ran his shop) my whole family could paint and draw very well, growing up in this environment allowed me to see life in a new perspective, and I am happy for that very much,

I also growing up around cars became a mechanic and ran my father’s shop for some time, but also I learned art and painted with air brush and pinstriped cars, I moved on to doing muroes on walls of houses (inside) of many different themes, then I was introduced to the engraving world, in fact a man was trying to sell me his business but it was a little too much money for what he had to offer, he was willing to teach me “push hand engraving” but over some months I decided the cost was too much so I did some research and went to a show in FL by Disneyland and got introduced to the GRS air engraving system, I thought it was wonderful and much more easy than doing it by hand.

But I still did not know many things about how to transfer a drawing to my metal or how to sharpen bits, then through the internet I saw Steve’s air graver and decided to go ahead with it and get everything I could ever need, so I got the classic engraver from Steve and a GRS sharpening system, and microscope, and blanks for making my engravers, then I got in on one of Ray Clover engraving classes (very informative and very helpful thank you Ray)

I tried to get my engraving business going for the last 2 years but things went bad in my life, and was un able to do so with family problems, but now my life is starting to settle down and get back on Corse I am very happy to engrave it helps me to calm down and focus on only one thing at a time, I have been engraving now since 2005 of Dec.

I live in Naples FL once again and still looking to get my engraving to make me some $ but until then I have been working drilling water wells during the days. ( don’t like being in the sun all day)

I love to learn new things I post on this forum every so often and would like all the help I can get! to learn more and make better lines, to shade ever finer and to draw some ones eye, to a work that they can look at many times and always find some thing new.

here is a link to my muro photo of one house


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