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Old 06-27-2006, 08:18 AM
nicky nicky is offline
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Default New here

Hey all, Im Nic. I found this website whilst looking around the net one day. The engraving you guys do is absolutely incredible. Im a 2nd yr jewellers apprentice from sydney, australia and im actually in the process of being semi taught and self taught engraving. My TAFE (tech) teacher got me started late last year as he also runs the hand engraving course at my college. Im finding it incredibly fun as ive been a drawer my whole life. Also its a lot less stressful then working on the bench at work doing repairs faster and faster everyday hahahaha. Im actually learning using old fashioned hand engravers, what are the benefits of learning with a power assisted tool? Should i become proficient manually 1st? Because im very keen in learning decorative stone setting as well. Im big into extra decoration on pieces of jewellery, which there is a lack of i think, and thats why im trying to learn these techniques. Thanks guys
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Old 09-04-2007, 05:52 PM
Barry Lee Hands's Avatar
Barry Lee Hands Barry Lee Hands is offline
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Location: Bigfork, Montana
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Default Re: New here

Hi Nic, it's good to have you here.
Australia has a tradition of fine engravers including one of the best, Lynton MacKenzie.
Learning with hand gravers has some benefits. You will have to learn to sharpen your tools properly, and working by hand at first gives the advantage of insuring that you will have the proper knowledge when and if you choose to advance to airpower.
The advantages of using air assisted tool are numerous, and the new Lindsay Artisan is an economical choice for the jeweler and the gun engraver.
Of course the Cadillac of airtools is the Lindsay Classic Palm Control.
The PC will feel in your hand just like a push graver, but has the air advantadge which will give you infinite control for fine and heavy work. You will no longer stab yourself when you slip, and I know what that is like, having started with pushgravers myself.
An engravers life can be a rewarding one, welcome.
Barry Lee Hands
Bigfork, Montana
Barry Lee Hands
"Critics gather, they discuss aesthetics, Artists gather, they discuss turpentine. . ."- Pablo Picasso
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