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Old 06-26-2009, 11:26 PM
TheFilmStudent TheFilmStudent is offline
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Default Hello, new forum member.

Hi everybody. My name is Christopher. I am a 24 year old film student at Arizona State University (taking advantage of the Scottsdale Community College facilities). I am currently going back to school for a degree in Screenwriting (and directing, editing, etc.). Among other things, I am a talented chef and writer (...maybe?), but by no means an engraver of any kind. I love engraved guns.

Truth be told, I actually just signed up for this forum because of a writing project I am beginning. I thought it would be nice to see the faces and talk to the people actually doing these wonderful things and from what I've seen so far in the show-and-tell thread, everybody here seems to know what they are doing.

FUN FACT: I had a hard time answering the anti-spam question [to become a member], as it pertained to engraving. I took a few intelligent guesses before I had to do some Google-savvy sleuthing. Haha.

Well, anyways, I have been complimented as being a pretty funny guy, and an even funnier writer, so I hope that makes my lingering around the forum less petulant to those who do not take kindly to the 'new guy'.

I actually have a few questions right off the bat, in fact.

a.) What is Bulino engraving?

b.) I've seen gold and black (and I think silver) engraving done on classic pistols, is that ink or metal plating? Furthermore, are there any other colors that can be splashed on to the metal with engraving?

I'm sure these are dumb questions, but these are kind of things I need to have a sense of security about before writing anything down and looking stupid.


-Christopher J. Collins
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Old 06-27-2009, 07:00 AM
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Default Re: Hello, new forum member.

Hi Christopher!

You should have a lot of fun looking around here. Click that red 'glossary' link up at the top of the page - that will answer most of your questions, including what bulino is.

The colors you see on engraved items are usually inlays of other metals. Silver and gold (in various colors) are the usual choices. Normally the metal you inlay has to be softer than the metal you're putting it in to, but you can put a harder metal into a softer one by sort of reversing parts of the process.

Read through the Tutorials section - that will also give you a good start.

Steve :->
(KCSteve in most forums)
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