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Old 12-03-2006, 12:48 AM
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Default Techniques and Resources

Inexpensive way to give it a try

On-line videos
Another video

Videos ~ 11 hours worth

New Roland Baptiste template for inlay

Video how to use the Roland Baptiste point

Sharpening with Lindsay sharpener - flat & knife

Artwork for studying scroll and pattern designs.

On-line old engraving books

Learning Gun Engraving, book by Roland Baptiste

Engraving Scroll, borders and Techniques ~ Lynton McKenzie Book

Must have book download (drawing Acanthus leaves)

"Art Monograms and Lettering"

Here's a few more books that WVEngraver found... (thanks Chris :smile[2]
"A new book of cyphers" - published 1726 (contains over 600 illustrations)

Monograms & ciphers ([1906]) I was delighted to see that this book contains examples of corporate monograms and the use of the "ampersand" in monograms.

The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and mediaeval, from the eighth century. (published 1914)
A very cool old book which contains official alphabets of different monarchys through the ages.
Microscope information

For inexpensive magnifying an optivisor works well. They make replaceable and different strength lenses for them.
McMaster has them. McMaster.com http://www.mcmaster.com/#headband-magnifiers/=bxpmr4
On that page they are called "Headband Flip-UP Magnifiers".

PalmControl AirGraver
Classic foot control AirGraver

Forum Tutorials
An Engraving Puzzle Mike Dubber
Cutting a Coin for fun or profit Steve Ellsworth
Damascening a sheep with a Lindsay Barry Hands
Cut together - PalmControl practice plate Steve Lindsay
Damascening an Elk with an Artisan Barry Hands
Tutorial: Scuba Power for Lindsay Airgraver brandvik
Beginners Progress Plans, Tutors Tips, and Informational link AirAmp

Tutorial with videos from the school site
More advanced tutorial
More topics on school site: www.engravingtraining.com

Turorials and contests

Tutorial contest archive

Sharpening fixture info.

Stuller Inc. A prime manufacturer and distributor of jewelry and jewelry-related products
Hoover & Strong - Soruce for gold and silver wire and sheet for engraving inlays.
Gesswein Jewelers Tools and Mold & Die equipment

Engraving vise/block:


Engraving glossary pages from EngravingArts web site (Adone T. Pozzobon)
Engraving Info. Choosing Wisely
Glossary - Terms, tools, pneumatic
Glossary - Bulino / Inlay... methods
Glossary - Bulino / close-ups defined #1
Glossary - Bulino / close-ups defined #2
Lindsay AirGravers Concise Review #2
Lindsay Ultimate AirGraver Concise Review #3
Glossary - Bulino / banknote defined
Glossary - Digital design / software
Glossary - Engravers, where to begin

Super carving and talent at the
Carving Path Forum

__________________________________________________ __

Jewelry Smithing Forums:

www.ganoksin.com Largest and foremost resource for jewelers on the internet. Ganoksin maintains a forum called Orchid. The Orchid forum can be searched.
Search for AirGraver on Orchid.
search 1
search 2

Jewelry newsgroup forum called rec.crafts.jewlery
Moderated by Peter Rowe this usenet had it starts around 1985 and is the first bench jewlers group on the internet. Google can be used to access the group:
Search for AirGraver on rec.crafts.jewelry

__________________________________________________ __

Dover Publications has older copyright free books. They have inspirational ideas for scroll as well as ornamental jewelry and weapon making. Here are a few.

Medieval Ornament: 950 Illustrations

Scroll Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period

Florid Victorian Ornament

Floral Engravings for Artists and Craftspeople

Weapons and Armor

Jewelry: A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engravings


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