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Default Re: Old building with wood engraving shop

What a great photo!! You just know that the engraving shop is a sweat shop.

The guy picking his nose on the corner is priceless. Captured in time for all eternity. The irony of digging for nuggets in front of a historic building that would one day become a jewelry store.

This building is on the freedom trail which I find rather humorous as well. It was actually built in the early 1600s and the original owner was banished from Boston for protesting in support of woman's rights. It then burned in the "Great Fire" in 1711 and was then rebuilt in brick.

There's a parking garage on the right and the cobblestone is paved over with asphalt now. Fanueil Hall and the old state house is just a block up the street to the right.

Stuff like this makes me miss the place ... I think it's time to take a drive and get a cannoli (budah bing).

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