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Default Re: Rochester, NY: Foot Control AND Palm Control Classics

Originally Posted by Mike_Morgan View Post
I'm just a smidge west of Rochester, NY and I have Two Classic foot control (one is older, the other quite current) and a Classic Palm Control... If anybody wants to stop by and give them a try, I'm more than happy to let you give them a spin.

I will warn you though... You won't see much in the way of expertise in my shop... I'm an absolute beginner with what I feel are the best available tools!

I also have several Lindsay Templates and a Diamond hone, so, you can see some great gear if you visit, even if you won't see any great engraving!
Hey Mike, I'm down on Long Island N.Y. I go up that way once in a while to visit family and friends and would like to stop by some time just to talk shop, Im very new myself, 59 years old, Retired recent widower, I spend ALL my time engraving, It's frigging Addicting to me at least. I also have a well equipped studio but no one in my area that I know of who engraves, Im always looking .I know there has to be another engraver on Long Island somewhere LOL. Hope to see you some day, If you ever head down here your more than welcome to stop by. We can go out on my boat fishing and BS .Cheers Ed G, Smiths Point Long Island N.Y.
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