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Default The murder of Sylvia Pinkerton

When Sylvie Pinkerton left The Auburn School for girls, she decided to walk to her tennis match. The sun was out and the hope of early spring filled the air. She was confident and full of life, and wanted to use the walk to strengthen her legs for the match.
As she was walking a breeze across her young cheeks caused strands of her long hair to fall across her face. She pushed them back into place and worried that her hair would not look perfect when she arrived at the tennis court.
Then she felt the first drops of rain, and she regretted not taking her umbrella. Panic set in as more raindrops began to fall while she hurried along. In front of her she saw a white State of New Hampshire department of highway truck. Then two men wearing construction helmets and yellow work coats got into the truck.
The rain started to come down in big cold drops as she reached the truck. One of them opened the cab´s door and said. Get in before you are soaking wet. Sylvia hesitated, until she realized she had seen him before, when her dad had taken her mother and her to Rosebuds on her tenth birthday for Ice cream Sundays and chocolate cake.
He got out of the truck and offered her his hand to help her up into the cab.
You get in here where in is warm, before you catch pneumonia and die of cold.
She thanked him, and got into the truck’s cab where the heater was blasting out warm air. Now tell us where you are going, and we will take you there.
Sylvia thanked the twins for their kindness and explained that she was going to a tennis match at the Chester Middle School and she did not want to be late, and she was so happy that they had saved her from the pouring rain.
Kevin said to his brother, do you think we have time to drive her there? Karl grinned and nodded his head.
“If we take the short cut around the lake we can be there in ten minutes...” He put the truck in gear as he said. “Don’t you worry sweet thing. We are on the way. We don’t want you to be late.”
When the truck stopped, Sylvia realized that they were on a deserted forest road and nowhere near the school. She panicked and tried to crawl over Karl and out of the truck.
Karl took the knife out of the glove box put it to her throat. He was about to use it, when Kevin stopped him.
Not in the truck, we can’t have her blood in the truck
Karl hit her in the face and then pushed her out of the truck. He took the hunting knife, and jumped down next to her. As the terrified girl started to scream, he again put the knife to her throat. And then he drove it in. Her silenced cry was turned into a gusher of blood.
The Gustavo twins stripped her naked as they tore away her school uniform. After they had taken turns violating the warm body of the twelve year old girl, they ripped her open smeared her hot blood on their faces and howled:
They removed the stones from the ancient stonewall, dug a trench and dumped her abused body, blood soaked clothes and the tennis racket into it. As Kevin tossed the first shovel of dirt on her body he saw the silver and turquoise barrette and said to his brother. “Look at that, help me down so I can get our newest souvenir.”
He tore it away from her hair, showed to his brother to admire, said now we have another trophy, and then put in his shirt pocket.
Two hours later, Sylvia Pinkerton had vanished from the face of the earth. Buried in dirt and covered with stones, not more than one hundred feet from where Eliza Sanchez’s had been found.
The twins went down to the lake stripped and washed of the blood, and then they returned to the highway project they had been working on.
When the twins walked into their home, Rosalie was in a state of panic.
Thank God, you are here. You are going to be late for your last meeting with the juvenile probation officer, please change those muddy clothes and put on something nice. Then I want you to go and see him right away.
While they drove to the meeting, Rosalie picked up their work cloths and began to put them in the washing machine.
That is when she found the silver and jade barrette. She admired it, then put it away and went back to work in the kitchen, and forgot about it.
To be continued
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