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Actually, for transfering multiple designs, transfer wax is probably what he used. One piece is engraved, then transfer wax is rubbed into the design and wiped off the rest of the surface. Then a moistened piece of drawing paper is placed over the engraving. Over this is placed another piece of dry paper and the surface is burnished to press the paper into the wax. Peel off the dry piece and, carefully, peel off the bottom piece. The reversed design will be seen on the paper. This can be pressed onto the next piece to be engraved. The design is quite faint, but useable. It'll work for several transfers, depending on how carefully you position everything and how hard you press on each subsequent transfer.
If you're only doing one transfer, say a pair of cufflinks, Rodico or Sticky-Tac or some such can be substituted for the paper. It's stretchy, though, so it can distort if you're not careful.
Mike Dubber has and excellent technique using Scotch Tape but, being an old guy myself, I'm betting your dad used the wax/paper technique. I got it from F.H.Rees' book, published in about 1906.
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