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Default Re: Sharpening for goldinlay point.

Yes of course Steve, I don't have the matérial to make a video but I explain with pictures, it isn't really difficult ;-)
This point is using to make the inlay with all material (gold, silver,...).
You can make relief and flat inlay, it is the point used in Europe for goldinlay, this tools don't cuting, it just push the steel.
The difference with the undercuting used more in Oestrich and it cuting in your line.
With undercuting, I feel is more difficult to use because you musn't touch the other edge of your line.
With my point, I study the good angle to have easy to progress into the line and for don't touch the other edge when you advance.
This point it is a symetrical point.
You can see here the step to sharp it with the template and how use it.
Into the Pauls contest submission Paul explain the technic to goldinlay ;-) and it is not necessary to explain again ;-) because his tutorial is very good. Thanks Paul.

Steve write on the template the number of the step to have the good way to well sharp. You must just following the number ;-) it will be easier.

Of course, you must do different size of tools: big to the straight line, medium for scroll and little for the corner or little turning ;-)
Don't hésitate if you have more question.
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