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You can see a few transfer method here
Me, I used this one ;-)
Materials needed:

Laser printer and clear acetate paper (or other papers)

Modify a laser printer by disabling the heat rollers that the paper goes through before it exits the machine. The heat is used to melt the toner onto the paper, and by disabling the heat, the toner will not melt and set itself to the paper or acetate. When the paper exits the machine, the toner is just laying on the surface of the paper and can be easily wiped off. You are on your own disabling the heat to the rollers in your printer. Each laser printer is a little different, with "smart" sensors that seem to know if something isn't working like it should. I haven't been successful disabling the heated rollers on my HP 4P laser printer, but on the old HP 2P machine it was possible.

Rather than disabling the heat rollers in the printer, it will also work to just shut the printer off before the paper gets to the heated rollers, or you may open the toner cartridge door on the printer to stop the paper (or acetate) before it gets to the heated rollers. It takes some experimenting to know when to open or shut it off, but when successful, the powdered toner will be unset and just laying on the acetate or paper.

Make sure to print the design in reverse. Next, put a fine coat of damar varnish or shellac on the metal where you want the design. Carefully tape the acetate (with the toner face down) into position. Use a finger nail or a plastic burnishing tool, and rub on the back of the acetate. The toner will stick to the varnish.
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