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Default New guy in Maryland

Just wanted to say hello. I have been reading on hear the past few weeks and really appreciate the tutorial sections and the great posts. Keep up the great work. You people really are talented. I am still in the practice stages, and of course learning all I can from reading and spending time at the vise. I am using H and C. No power graver yet... I do have a power hone and dual angle fixture.

Anyway, I spent a weekend in Manassas VA with J.J. Roberts, he is a great teacher and is truly a skilled and all around gunsmith. I was able to use some GRS and Lindsay tools also, J.J. Has it all... A book collection that was out of this world, he must have well over 1000 books of all types for reference and such. Since then I have been hooked. We also did a gold inlay on a Colt SAA cylinder, incredible.

That's it for now.

Fallston, Maryland
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