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Originally Posted by Rojas_ness View Post
Hi, mr. Steve. Not at all. It’s so easy to use... Also, im looking at your catalog for sharpening templates to shape for stone setting. I know know I’m going to need an onglette template, do you recommended any others?
I haven't set many stones and so I can only get you in trouble. I know jewelers are using a variety. Depending what method they learned they are using different gravers and procedures. The gravers points you have been using you can continue to do most the same with the templates. If there are some particular points you don't and that you are using let us know and we can make a custom template of it for you.
Here are some previous threads about pave' and stone setting that may be helpful. Also Jan Hendrik has a good tutorial on pave.

As far as stone setting template sets Jason from the Portland Jewelry Academy teaches with a set he selected. All what is in that set is listed on this page link. Scroll down a ways on the page:
Then the individual templates from that set are on this page:

Originally Posted by Rojas_ness View Post
Also, how do I post better pics (attachments)? Some of the pics I post are thumbnail size.
To post the pic large first do the attachment like you did in your first post. Post it like you did then click on the attachment to open it large.. then click that larger image again. Now copy the url (see below) Use that then to re-post the image large or edit your original post to add the larger photo.

like here is the url for the first image:
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