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Default Re: etching, start to finish

Originally Posted by Dale
Hi Barry, you can pick up a card board box, that is white on the inside, , you then cut a hole in the side to be able to place your work to be photographed and then cut a hole in the top of the box, you then need to place a white sheet or white piece of material over the top hole and use a good light source, this is the poor mans light box.

You will need to play with various color background schemes which will give you different results.

If interested you can go to ebay and look up timewiseinvestments, I restore vintage watches and sell on ebay.

I always have others emailing me asking how to get better photos, take a look at my past feedback and you can see some of the photos I take.

A great program to use is corel, or adobe photo shop and you can go and adjust your contrast and gamma settings to even make the photo image even more clear and vibrant so it looks as close as possible to what you see in person.
By the way I just bought the classic package,and I am brand new to engraving, but I have for many years done wild life art in pencil and acrylics as well as dabbled in wood carving.

I have seen some of your work and it is great.
Hope this helps, if you do not want to do the poor mans light box you can buy them already made.
OOPS I meant to make this reply to Chris, sorry bout that.

I was admiring your work Barry and I too thank you for taking the time to show us all the process, step by step, thanks so much for the extra effort to provide great photos along with your demonstration.

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