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Default Re: New building pictures

Originally Posted by Tim Wells View Post
I figured if the little blue vette couldn't hold itself together it would never make the trip back home, so I told Steve to just let someone else get the chance to rook him out of it. Perhaps in a friendly (or not) game of 8 ball...

Watch the side pipe getting out of it; been there, done that, got the scar to prove it..

Hi Tim,

You should have not said about the side exhaust pipes,those are the special fittings to deter and stop people taking the car away.
If they take it away they hesitate to come out till the police come !

The workshop is really very nice, it really an asset to have and we will see great tools made there.
The pool table and gym are good too.I can play snooker don't know about pool....
Where the Bar, the Milkshake and ice cream counters ?

I bet you you forgot to do them .

God Bless the new Workshop.

A praise worthy achievement for Steve L

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