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Default Re: Engraving coining dies

Originally Posted by jimzim75
Hi Tom, I already have a piece of rail road track from a switch yard. Plus there the business of getting it past her. The no more tools thing, sort of slows me down a little, but not much. Talk to ya later,
Hi Jim:
Okay... that rail sounds like it will be stout enough if you can get a good deep weld. 50 tons is a lot of force. I have been totally amazed by things that can happen when a lot of force is applied!

I must admit that my dear wife has been very patient and tolerant of my equipment obsessions. I think that she feels it keeps me out of the bars. And of course she really likes it when people buy stuff I make... women like money. I just have to be sure to explain how great it was that I was able to buy that press last year because just look at this order that came in! Diplomacy!
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