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Originally Posted by KDavid View Post
it looks like that one guy has a 1911 in his belt, what kind of cowboy is that?
Jose Gigante is shooting in the "Wild Bunch" catagory. This is relative to the movie of the same name. In that catagory you are allowed to use a 1911 but you have to chamber the first round on the clock. Also only one pistol so you have to reload on the clock. The Win. 97 is the only shotgun allowed in WB and the rifle is the same as other catagories but must be at least .40 cal.

In spite of the semi auto pistol no one can fire and reload a 1911 as fast as a person of the same skill with 2 single action revolvers, shooting each gun in turn using 2 hands (one to hold the grip and pull the trigger and the other hand to cock the hammer. The fastest cowboys can make a Colt single action sound like a gatling gun! You will notice that Jose has an electronic timer in his hand. It will time every shot and the whole string of shots. I have timed top shooters for the 5 rounds in their revolver and when you factor the speed of those 5 rounds, the best shooters actualy have a cyclic rate of fire equal to a submachinegun.

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