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Default Re: etching, start to finish

I may give it a go and see how it turns out. If not on a knife then perhaps a coin.

Like you I dont collect much of anything. Those who collect my works ask me if i collect coins too, most are amazed to find that i don't. (too much expense!) I did a piece for a collector the other day. This fellow has no problems dropping 5k on a nickel and in the collector world this is not considered high dollar collecting.

I have a few paintings on the walls - my own and some wonderful pieces of Nigerian abstract authored by a friend of mine who is a very pricey artist.

Collecting art takes money, something artists rarely have enough of anyway.

Most of the stuff i do rarely gets seen by anyone. Seems as though the high end collectors don't relish people knowing or seeing what they have parked in their closets. It's been that way for many years. Some of these people even make it clear that no pictures are to be taken of the completed works.
But then I guess that goes along with the medium worked in. Ivory and gem carving is a different realm than steel. There are some things best left secret, just like your formulas for mordants.

looking forward to seeing how you finish out the sculpture of the animals. That should be the hardest part and far less forgiving. Now that you have less metal to work with the room for error diminishes greatly but i have a feeling it will be stunning.

Maybe we should hold carving classes in Africa - we could get these guys who live there to send us plane tickets. My passport is current and it's cold here. I could use a little African sunshine to warm up my bones.
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