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Default Re Dog Doodo

Rodger, I have found the changes here much different from thirty years ago and suspect that it has to do with the European Union and in particular the influences of Germany.
Dogs are treated very well in Italy; you can take them on buses and trains out to restaurants and into shops. At the restaurant we go to the waitress will bring Jack a bowl of water before taking our order and people will stop me and ask if they can pet Jack ..They are allowed in the parks and plazas but must be leashed; if they poop you are supposed to clean up the mess and can be fined for not doing so. Of course many owners are looking the other way when this occurs, especially little old ladies with ill tempered house mops on a leash. However in general the streets of this town are clean and free of dog doo
Italy needs money and they levy heavy fines on speeding, parking, and motor vehicle registration infractions. Driving without a license, Intoxication and drugs will put you in jail. Trash is divided to plastic, glass and organic depositories. This is a huge change from Mexico where dogs are abandoned, stoned and starved frequently and trash is tossed to the wind. Autos are driven with no insurance no registration and no regard to laws.
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