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Default A permanent resident of Italy

I have to say that getting the documents needed in order for me to take residence here in Italy has been interesting and I am most impressed with the way I have been treated. It has taken less time and with less hassles and expenses than the USA or Mexico .The only problem I had was when I presented my passport and the question of my one name came up. The question of what to do so that the computer would accept my application caused quite a bit of puzzlement at the Questura (police station.)
After everyone had given their opinion it was decided that I had to have a second name and as my passport reads “Joseph” and nothing else. That in order to comply with regulations I would take the last name of “Senza Nome” So, if you should ever want to send me money, or a fine Rolex. Please add my new last name to any correspondence
.For the next three weeks there is an International Antique Show here. This is the 49th year it is held in Sarzana, I have been looking forward to finding interesting engraved objects to photograph and post on Steve´s Watercooler. It was disappointing to see so much common goods, duplicated jewelry ,and what I consider to be yard sale items on display, although there is some nice antique furniture .I did find a nice dragon sculpture and ash tray along with a design that I though kind of interesting. So here they are, I hope they can be of use to you.
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