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Default Saint antonio´s fire

It has been a week since I climbed out of the Jacuzzi, a refreshed man with an aching back. Boy did that make my life brighter. That is until two days later when I felt worn out with a bit of a fever and I noticed these strange red bumps had appeared on my upper left leg and buttock.”Hey Franca, Take a look at this: what do you think has caused all these spots to show up? Together we stared at the mass of ugly blotches that were not there the day before.
She asked the usual wifely question.”Joseph what have you done?”
I gave her my standard husbandly answer. “I haven’t a clue. I took the dog for his walk, climbed up a hill to explore for abandoned grape vines, stopped to say my morning prayer under a big tree and then came home, took a shower saw these bumps, fixed coffee and then woke you up. It is just a rash and will go away in a day or so.
Four days later, the rash has turned into dark burning sores. As a good and caring wife Franca insists we go to the Hospital and have it looked at, I concurred.
By now I know that I have a something going on that is out of my control. I have looked up “Skin Rashes’” on the internet and found something that looked sort of like my newly acquired malady called Swimmers Itch. It is “A waterborne parasite infection from contaminated water, such as swimming pools, hot tubs and of course the JACUZZI.”Damn. At the hospital the English speaking Doctor who is a large but jolly woman looks at my leg and butt without admiration then sends me to an epidemiologist. At the Epidemiologist’s office the Doctor who speaks no English tells my wife I have a viral infection brought on by excessive stress. I knew it was something that I have recently mentioned to her when I last moved the sofa. The Italians call it Fuoco de San Antonio which has a nice poetic sound, the Americans call it Shingles. The exams and curative medications were no charge, unless you include the high cost of rent, food , heating gas, electricity and gasoline in Italy.
Tonight I get to sleep late, the dog can find a corner in the yard and tomorrow I get breakfast served in bed and with two weeks of medicating I will be ready for another dip in the sanitized Jacuzzi.
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