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I have been packing suitcases, groceries, furniture and household appliances up stairs, down corridors from one place to another across airports and different countries for the last two months. It is a good thing that this move to Italy took place now. I cannot imagine doing this in another year; I am getting too old. My back finally said “enough” and proceeded to make its point with sharp and sleepless pain. Today I could not gather the energy to take Jack for our morning walk to look at the flowers and fruit trees. The best I could do was to let him out in the yard and then lay down on the sofa that I have moved from one room to another and repositioned several time until it has met Franca´s approval. I crashed there the entire morning and still my back complained. Pain medication was what I craved and there was none in our new home. I sent my dear wife to the store for Advil. When she returned I took three tablets chased by a glass of white wine then went back to the sofa for the rest of the day. There is a Jacuzzi in our new home which I have never used. After reading the manual and getting the thing to work, I climbed in. It was in this marvelous and luxurious invention with its water jets that I discovered the soothing relief that I needed. As I write this my hair is still wet but the pain has gone and I am sure that with another dose of Advil and wine before bedtime I will be ready to start tomorrow with a fresh step and enthusiasm.
Day two has been better. At least I slept and took Jack for a walk. In our exploration I have found a house that has been abandoned and discovered that there are fig and plum trees soon ready to be plucked and eaten. I also have found a grape vine with fruit that will be ready for me this fall and a peach tree that is in someone’s garden but many branches hang over into a narrow path and are within easy reach. I will keep an eye on them until they are ripe. I sooth my conscience by assuming that if they are not picked they will go to waste. Franca and I are planning to return to the abandoned home and save a beautiful jasmine bush that is suffering from lack of water and care. It is in a large terracotta pot that somehow I will have to convince my back that it can be picked up then put in the back of the Panda and brought home. The Jacuzzi is now filling so I will post this and sink once more into bliss.
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