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Sorry to hear you are in this dilema. Before Central State Mental Hospital was closed in Indiana , there was an art program that was benificial to the patients . Not all could participate but it was found that many who thought to be hopeless found an out let and relief of thier mental suffering thru painting . As an outside chance maybe this fellow can lighten up a bit if this were to happen . Too bad he has his gaurd up . He has such good neighbors . Even Jack is ready to cut him some slack . This is wishfull thinking of course , I am not there to experience it as you and Franca. In reality your neighbor may not be in control of his mental state . You ask about a majic spell , how about " Bipity Bopity Boo ! " And a potion to keep your sanity . My advice is to enjoy a glass or 2 of you favorite wine in the presents of those who you love and remember that this problem can change or will change . In the mean time, get the tomatoes in the ground , Franca will have need of them . I hope I have not trivialized your situation, It is my intent to encourge you to look for a a creative way to encounter this person . If he is sane he has no idea what he is missing by not welcoming you and Franca into his life . I hope you get some rest and relief from this situation . Best Regards Steve Cook
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