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ZIhuatanejo to Mexico city
At Zihuatanejo airport we presented our documents and were asked for Jacks health certificates. I presented seven pages of veterinarian signed stamped documents along with his up to date vaccination book
I had done a lot of research over the web on what would be required to transport the dog on an airline to Europe and was confident that all was in order. I knew that he could not go if the temperature was too cold; we had waited until May to book our return trip. His shipping crate had to be a certain size, he had to have containers for food and water, be fed and watered before departure, medicated for parasites not more than five days prior to shipping. We were boarded without a problem. It was at Mexico City check in counter that we ran into a problem. The crate and dog put us over the weight limit and the cost of shipping would be an extra three hundred dollars. This was not a problem, after all we had signed the sales contract on our property the day before and had picked up enough money from the sale to let us live in comfort for the rest of our lives. Then came the big shock. According to the ticket clerk Boxer dogs were on a no fly list and he would not be allowed into Europe. I had also checked into this and knew that this was not so, although there are some breeds that were prohibited such as Pit Bulls and Bulldogs. Boxers were not on the list. I pointed to his registration papers and showed the clerk his breed. Many phone calls and two hours later I was told to take the dog and his documents down to the official animal exportation veterinarian’s office for examination. So, back onto the baggage cart, then down the elevator, across the lower level of Mexico International airport and into a small office staffed by a young girl that spoke English. I showed her the seven pages of documents that were filled out by a vet in Zihuatanejo. She looked them over then sent me to a shop to have them photo copied. The shop sold cigarettes and aspirin ,which I badly needed by then.
I paid for the copies and headed back to the elevator to the exportation office with Jack. On arrival the girl handed me more forms to fill out and sign. Then the vet showed up looked at the papers and at Jack, then nodded his head and said that Jack was indeed a Boxer. He signed the forms, stamped them with an official seal and left. Boarding time was getting close my patience was getting short, still more copies with the vets seal were needed. The girl went to her copy machine and started to print them out. Then the damned machine jammed. She would print one, the machine would jam. She would open it up pull out a torn piece of paper and print one more. All the time I am praying God please help. Eventually I had all the paperwork copied and took Jack back to the elevator then up ´to the second floor and found Franca nervously waiting at check in, handed over all the papers and watched Jack disappear on the baggage belt. On our arrival in Paris we found Jack waiting for us at baggage claim. He was badly in need of a tree.
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