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Plans for relocating my studio to Sarzana Italy are solidifying. We have set our departure date for May first when we will fly to Paris, rent a car and make the ten hour trip to Italy travelling over the same route that I hitchhike in the winter of 1982.This time I will be sleeping in first class accommodations instead of the front seat of a freight liner and will be eating in nice restaurants instead of trucker bars. It is amazing to me how my having learned to engrave has so completely altered my life. My computer has died from exposure to the climate here and I may not replace it until we are settled in Italy. As I find that keeping in touch with you my friends on this forum has become one of the most important moments in my daily routine. I will try and keep this thread updated as new events happen. As of yet we have not found a buyer for our home here, even if we do not sell before our departure we are definitely leaving. I thank all of you who have read this post and even though most of you donít comment I appreciate your reading it. Here is the photo that I plan on using as a reference for my next painting.
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