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Default Re: Damascening with a hammer and punch in Japan


Always happy to share knowledge. I've been learning a lot about Japanese techniques lately on another forum.
One important thing. Stage 6 on the Higo inlay site states that it's material is unique at 0.08mm thick; that others use 0.02mm is more common. That seems to be true from what I've heard. Suppliers such as Komokin, are more likely to carry the thinner foil. I usually roll my own from fine silver bezel. Anneal on an Altoid or some other tin lid (no direct flame) using a magic marker line as an indicator. The line will disappear about the time it's annealed. (Thanks Ford.)
I've been told that enameler's suppliers also carry foil.
For some additional info on tools and techniques, I recommend these two books:
1) The Design and Creation of Jewelry by Robert von Neumann.
2) Silverwork and Jewellery by H. Wilson and Unno Bisei.

Make sure to look for a recent copy of the first one and an edited copy of the second.


p.s. - That black urushi might be roiro - a very high quality laquer used as a ground.

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