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I wanted to post this new painting before our trip back to Italy and the spot where we met.
Saturday, Franca and I leave for an exploratory trip to a medieval town located near the Tirrenean coast. I have been doing much thinking of the future and what it holds for the most loved and respected person in my life and artist life style. At the lowest point of my career, when I was alone, broke, in pain, and very close to suicide we met by the goodness of God thirty years ago.
With her thoughtfulness, compassion and practicality, and my drive to create art we have been most fortunate in our joint efforts to conquer life. Now is come the time to let life conquer us. One of my sons recently died. It was an experience I never dreamed of happening. The very same day my great dog Ace also died, but that was something I had been expecting as he was old and tired of pain in his life. In human years he would be about 84
All of these events brought home to me the realization that my candle is flickering to its inevitable end. We live in a tropical place that is proudly called paradise by all real- estate agents. The natural beauty here has brought an influx of the very wealthy and property prices have increased ten fold since I bought this acre of beachfront land fourteen years ago.
I myself have considered it more like mount Olympus, for only Gods should be fit to see the sunsets observed from this place.
I have had the pleasure of taking a dream and making it into a reality. In doing so I used quite a bit of my allotted candle.
It is amazing how rapidly time flys when one is consumed in a creative dream. I have come to the conclusion that this once isolated but now discovered by the wealthy dot on the planet has put an end to this dream, Now the time has come to face the fact that soon either my wife or me will die. We have discussed this subject together at length and are of the opinion that we could not live here alone. Nature’s beauty and solitude are great soothers of mind, body and soul but I am cured. I have been absolved of my self imposed sins and I have, thanks to my wife’s good management, and luck in investment accumulated enough wealth to return to Italy and seek a place where Franca can be close to her family and friends that she gave up to follow a poor man with an artist in his soul.
Of all the places I have lived. My fondest thoughts always return to Italy, its culture, citizen pride, the education its children receive, and of course art, food and wine. These are absent here in Natures Paradise. My wife deserves to return soon to her homeland so she will have time to fit in again, develop friends and enjoy the rich fruits of our labor and I am looking forward to seeing my teachers, nephews and engraver friends.
Have a great day and thank you all.
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