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Default Re: Tutorial: Scuba Power for Lindsay Airgraver

Danny, I just went to Leasure Pro to check prices since I have been out of the business for almost a decade now. I used to hate these guys when I was competing with them. They are about the cheapest around. I found the following were the cheapest they had. I shopped their site as if I were going to be buying for myself from scatch.

Here's what I came up with.
80 CF tank. $149.95
The larger tanks like mine are expensive and as heavy as the dickens. I wouldn't go any smaller than 80 since most dive shops charge the same to fill a tank no matter its size.

Regulator $124.95 This one comes with the second stage regulator as which you will remove. (Just need a cresent wrench.) and replace with the quick connect hose.

Quick connect hose $19.95

Quick connect nipple $19.95 I would check your local dive shop for this as this sounds high to me.

I would check with your local dive shop regardless as they may have old stuff in their rental fleet that they would sell cheap. Plus you will need to make contact with them anyway since they will be the folks who will fill your tank(s).

The only cost I had for my setup was about $6 for the pneumatic quick connectors (Home Depot) and the hose clamps $2.00 (Napa Autoparts).

So the grand total if you were to buy everything brand new would be. $323.80.

Hope this helps. just let me know if anything is unclear.
Jim B.
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