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Default Re: Carl Bleile engraving with new template tool & Lindsay Artisan

Thank all of you for your replies and emails. Ill try and answer some of your questions. Most often I draw on the metal after applying my white, only on complicated jobs do I draw first then transfer. In the picture it can be seen where I scribble for general layout then I will refine it with a darker pencile, after cutting the main lines I might want to check my shading or rearrange it and again use my pencile to draw it in or erase it. Usualy the outline is cut first then background removed, last shading. All of the engraving was done with the deep line tool none of it was small enough to need a banknote tool, all sharpening was done useing the (red) deepline & banknote templates, some have asked me for the angles on the tool, the only one I can say is the V is 50 degrees with 45 heel, years ago I bought an adjustable tool sharpener but it was to much time and trouble to use, I went back to doing it by eye so I cann't say where the dials were set when I made the tool for Steve, I sent it and he make the templates. I must say the templates are much faster than doing it by eye and more accurate. As for the tool itself, a narrow tool will give a darker line than a wide tool because for the same width of cut the narrow tool will be deeper and reflect less light, that's the short answer because when teaching I can take hours to show the different techniques of dark line and banknote, I would wear out my keyboard trying to teach it here plus I don't have a blackboard and we cann't look over each others shoulders while working. The deepline tool is also used when I am going to do relief or deep sculpted cutting, a wide cutter can get in the way and nick areas you cann't see while cutting also in tight areas you will need a narrow tool to remove metal. If your main lines meat at 70 degrees and you try and remove that background with a 106 degree tool you can not get any depth or you will have a wreck trying.
Hope I haven't made things more confusing with all this typing, let me know
Carl Bleile
southwest, Ohio
P.S. The deepline tool could be useful for newer engravers when cutting outlines as it is less prone to making thick to thin wavey lines due to lack of depth control.
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