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Default Re: Sharpening the lindsay Point on a faceting machine

Hi Ardee,

Did you sigh up for the patent information on steve site??

It has the numbers listed. A faceting machine can get to 1/10th of a degree so it really is the most accurate method of grinding.

the Lindsay sharpening system is the quickest once your gravers are roughed in.
Toms power hone is a great addition to the sharpening system is by far the easiest method for the points offered.

I like to really learn something the hard way first (makes you appreciate the simplicity and you will be able to make the most complex grinds and understand what you are trying to accomplish with them).

also look at Tim C. Grinding a stronger linsday point Thread on the forum.

both are very very helpfull in studying how gravers are ground and angles required I found.

There are a few other grinds on the forum but they are a little hard to find.

There is a grind for a linsay flat, modified flat, the patent information has details dubbing for a harder point, and more..

I had to spend a few (actually many) hours studying and writing down numbers and guess some of the odd graver points (maybe not the right word) and do the math based on examples given.

It is a art unto itself and a basic stepping stone in the learning curve.

Watching some of the masters in this contest and there posts is truly amazing.

If you need more help please ask no problem..

Mike (airamp)
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