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Default Re: Tutorial: Scuba Power for Lindsay Airgraver

Hi Sam,

I think you misunderstand. I did not say there was gobbs of oil and water in scuba air. It is filled with a special compressor and yes it is filtered. It is a good product and yes it does have trace amounts of moisture and oil and the quality can vary as you stated.

It is a safe product for the use, never said it wasn't.

I do know the equipment dive shops use, but it does not compare to the Major gas supply houses (welding supply companies) make available.

Welding gas supply houses distribute these gasses for the major producers like Airgas co.

The fill costs much less, is more convenient (no restrictions) and is highest quality compressed gases you can get breathable or not.

Also the tanks are easily exchanged for the cost of the fill. Even though you own the tank they are so common that they just exchange them. Almost like the propane tanks for you grill.

Not so with scuba tanks.

Tanks stay current (no hydro testing of expired tanks since you are getting a good tested tank at each exchange).

Shops will even exchange out of date tanks for a slight or no fee over the fill price.

They want your business and you still get a fully tested current tank no wait time.

Not so with scuba tanks.

If a scuba tank is needs hydro testing you will pay for the testing on your tank and if it fails you they cut it in half..(no exchanges). The testing can take days if not longer.

In other words welding tanks are the best investment and nitrogen is the best gas to use.

You can buy a tank from craigs list (big ones up to 240cf (largest a normal business can own by law) and exchange it for a 120 or 80 (maybe 2 60cf) full.

Welding companys need these tanks and are always willing to deal with you to make you happy and get your business.

Order of impritys from most to least in the compressed gases is:

Compressors, compressors with drying systems, scuba, welding gases including compressed air, and nitrogen and medical gases.

Scuba very good set up.

It is just more practical and cost efficent to use welding tank set up in my opinion. Preferable with nitrogen (most common gas).

ps: co2 is liquid in the tank and tanks are filled as such.
It is endothermic (uses heat to change to gas) if too much is drawn out of the tank makes for very cold gas.

It can freeze up a tool.

CO2 will not be a problem with the airgraver since it does not use large enough volumes of air (co2) to get cold or freeze.

I wouldn't use co2 with other units power gravers that use much more air pressure and volume.

I still like welding tanks and nitrogen as a quiet safe source.

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