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Default I meet a poker pal

While she took the dog for a walk, I went exploring the house, as I did, I hoped that one day it would be my home, and the poker playing days were coming to an end. It was time for me to show her my private world away from the Casino´s.
It was late in the afternoon when we drove up to the entrance to The Stardust Penthouse. The doorman looked at the jeep, and then the dog sitting in the back seat.
Before he said no, I gave him a twenty dollar bill and said. “He is housebroken and goes where she goes, and she is going up to my penthouse, would you please park this jeep,”.. At the elevator the dog jumped on board as if he had done so all his life. But when the doors closed and the lift started to move he went into total panic mode and stayed that way until the doors reopened. He remained frozen in the back, and no amount of coaxing would make him move. I saw it was soon going to be a case of me mopping up his urine; I picked him up, straining my back and carried him to the entrance to my apartment. As soon as his feet hit the floor he tucked his tail between his legs and lay down as if he was rescued from a shipwreck.
I shook my head “Gina, when we leave, you are going to walk him down. There is no way he is ever going to get on this elevator again.” I open the penthouse door, the dog never moved, I decided to leave him where he was. “Gina, you tell him to stay put and guard the door. Right now i really want to show you my nice comfortable bed, and later my paintings.” I briefly thought of carrying her to the bedroom. Then reason and my back overcame lust, so I said, “Please come on in.”
Even with all the laughter, the groaning, the moaning and bed squeaking, the dog never moved.
Later, I took Gina into my studio. The reaction she had to my work was more than I had hoped for. “Oh Joe these are wonderful. You have such a unique style, this need to be seen by the public. I have a friend who is well connected in the California art markets. I am positive she will be as enthusiastic as I am, and will put your work into a very well known gallery.” Flattery has always been one of my weaknesses. I gave her another kiss on her neck and said, “I want to fix you diner here tonight, first we need to do a bit of shopping. Do you think we can get the dog back on the elevator?”
As we left the apartment the dog got up and greeted us with tail wagging, and yelps of happiness as he ran around us in circles. When the lift stopped and the doors opened with a silent swoosh, Gina said to the dog. “Come on Jack, we are going for a ride in the Jeep.” Those were the magic words. He ran into the waiting elevator, and then he sat impatiently waiting for us to follow.
In the lobby we found the doorman dozing, he awoke with a start when I asked for him to bring Gina´s jeep out front. The jeep arrived five minutes later; I was about to open its door, when the dog bared his fangs, then started barking at the doorman as he got out.
I hear Gina say “Stop it Jack, he is a friend.” That is all it took, the dog looked at Gina, wagged his tail then waited for her to let him in to the Jeep. “Joe do you want to drive?” I shook my head, “No thanks Gina.” She looked at me smiled and said, “Don’t tell me you can´t drive with a manual transmission, city boy?” She was right, I had no idea how to shift and use the clutch, and I was not about to try. “Gina as a matter of fact I have not owned a car in a long time, living down town Vegas has benefits.
I walk to the casinos, I eat at their restaurants, and if I want to go somewhere else I take a cab.
No car, no insurance, no maintenance, no parking problems and no flat tires. Actually I don´t have a valid driving license, haven´t had one for several years.
Now you drive straight down the Avenue, turn left at the first light, there is a Safeway market and a liquor store there .I want to get something special for our dinner, and I want you to stay with the dog while I shop. Maybe you should take Jack for a walk; I am sure by now he needs to find a friendly tree.” I got out, kissed her, patted the dog on his head, then walked across the parking lot and went shopping. A half hour later I had two nice fillets of fresh yellow fin tuna, Belgian endive, tomatoes, soy sauce, a pint of Ben &Jerry´s chocolate ice cream and a good bottle of French champagne. As I walked out the door I saw Gina and the dog coming towards me.
Then I heard someone say “Hey Wilson, I have been looking for you.”

Here is the start of a sign for my new studio and gallery
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