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Default A Majestic Day

As I stood in my stockings inside the doorway I knew instantly why, and I also knew why the dog slept outside. The house was a masterpiece of construction and interior design. The first thing I saw was the huge plate glass window that overlooked the panoramic view of Las Vegas in the valley below. The floors were fitted planks of red Oak, sanded and finished to a warm Sienna color with bright Navajo rugs setting the palette of complimentary tones to match the cedar log walls and the exposed vaulted ceiling. The only piece of furniture in it was a large sofa bed .This was a house a woman would love but not one a woman would design.
At that moment Gina came in, she walked up to me, put her arm around my waist and said; “My brother Jack built this. It was to be his showpiece; he wanted to make his mark as an architect and builder. He planned to marry his college sweet heart, settle here raise a family and have his studio upstairs.
Then he and his National Guard unit were sent to Afghanistan. He was killed there by a road side bomb. Now it is mine, it is too big for me, and the taxes are more than I can afford on my salary from the casino. I am going to put it up for sale, as soon as I find the courage. Come with me and let me show you the rest of his dream.”
I did not know what to say, so I said nothing and kissed her. She took my hand and we went up the hand carved spiral staircase .On the second floor there was only two rooms, A small bathroom with a glass enclosed shower and a large unfurnished open space with majestic views of the mountains to the north, the desert to the south and Vegas to the west. “This was to be Jacks studio; I never come up here or have touched it since he was killed. Both my mom and dad can’t bring themselves to come here .The loss of his only son has emotionally destroyed dad. My poor mom comes to visit, but even she wants me to sell and move back down to Las Vegas.”
I could not help myself from thinking that this space would be a perfect studio for me to find inspiration. “Gina, have you had this place appraised by a real estate company or a bank?”She shook her head; I looked at her and saw tears were flowing down her cheeks. That was the moment I knew I was really in love, but I held my thoughts to myself as I gave her the handkerchief with the dolphin embroidered on it to wipe away her tears. She looked at it, smelling its fading perfume, smiled and said, “Let´s go down, I want to show you the kitchen that I designed, and then later the rest of the house.”
“Gina I need to know something, where are the other guests?” She suddenly laughed, the beautiful smile returned. Then she kissed me full on my lips, and whispered in my ear. “There are none Joe.
This is a private dinner for only you and me. I hope you are hungry; I fixed pasta with shrimp. ”
I was expecting the kitchen to be spacious with every tool and gadget known to womanhood on display, instead I was surprised at the compactness of the cooking area and how Gina had designed its lay out. The gleaming counter tops were made of a mixture of red, black, and grey crushed and polished granite that complimented the brushed stainless steel counters and the Ivory colored tile floor. They were meant for serious cooking, and they would last forever. The dining table in the adjacent alcove had a smoked glass top that sat on a welded frame of brushed stainless steel with six matching white leather covered chairs, a large smoked sliding glass window led to a terrace overlooking the city of Vegas. It was obvious that this woman had class. The aroma of fresh baked focaccia bread and the simmering pasta sauce told me that this woman also knew how to cook. She opened the window, took my hand and led me out to the terrace.
“You sit out here and enjoy the view, while I finish cooking the pasta, set the table and decant the wine.” I am sitting there looking up at the stars, wondering what to say and what to do about this growing feeling I have developed for Gina.
Suddenly I feel the dog sniffing my toes, I am not sure if he finds them appetizing or disgusting, I freeze, not knowing what will happen to my feet. Then the dog puts his head on my lap, looks at me, and then wags his stub of a tail. I decide to pet his head and say to him “Hi Jack, you are a good dog.” Instantly he lies down, curls up and places his head on my feet and goes to sleep. In two minutes he is snoring. I don’t dare to move, so I wait for Gina to come to my rescue.
I hear Gina ask me if I want a glass of wine before we eat, I whisper “yes please,” The dog opens his eyes looks up at me then instantly goes back to sleep. When Gina walks out onto the veranda, the dog suddenly gets up and goes to her, his tail and whole body wagging. “Jack, what are you doing out here, this is a private dinner, you know that you are not allowed to be here .Now you go to your bed, and don’t be a pain to us.”The transformation was amazing; his tail stopped wagging. He lowered his eyes, turned around, and then disappears into the dark. “I hope you don’t think I am too hard on him Joe, I love him, but he is a dog, and all dogs need to be reminded they have to obey.
Come in and let us eat, I am famished and when I am really hungry I can be a bit grouchy.”
“Thanks for warning me Gina, The last thing I want in my life is a grouchy woman. I promises to never let you be hungry, is there anything else I should know about you? I don’t like unpleasant surprises. ” She smiled and said, “ Let’s eat before to pasta gets cold, I don’t like cold Spaghetti and yes, there are a couple of important things you need to know, but they can wait..
The table was set with white china, stainless flatware, and inexpensive wine glasses on bamboo place mats, all these indicated to me that Gina was not a woman of expensive tastes. She said, “You sit there so you can have the best view.” I did as she asked saying as I sat down. “Right now you are the only view I want to look at, you are beautiful wearing that apron.” She actually blushed as she poured the Chianti in our glasses, and then served the pasta. “I hope you like it; I don’t cook very often for others. As a matter of fact no one has eaten here since Jack was killed.”
I felt honored and surprised at Gina´s candor, I raised my glass and then said. “Here is to your brother Jack, he was a fine Architect, thank you Gina for inviting me here tonight.”
As we ate and drank the wine, Gina asked me about the handkerchief and was it from a girlfriend? “No it was a gift from a casino hat check girl I met in Paris and gave my Stetson to, because her smile reminded me of you”. Again she blushed, and then asked about Paris?
I spent the next hour telling her about my trip, Moss, the murder, and Lucky Bob, while she cleared the table. She was about to wash the dishes when I asked her if I could help. “You most certainly cannot Joe, but you can bring me coffee and breakfast toast in the morning.
Now, I want a nice hot bath, and have you scrub my back, then put on something sexy and go to bed with you.
Oh! I think now is the time to tell the other two important things about me you should know. The first is I am a very passionate woman. The second is I like to sleep in the morning until eight. ” What could I say but; “I make great toast, I do like your idea. And I am not a late sleeper.”
Then I remembered the perfume in my camera case. “I have been saving another gift for you Gina. You start the water for your bath and I will bring it to you.” I had to smile at the thought of Alfonso and his hundred dollars worth of advice.
I entered the main and very spacious bathroom gave Gina the perfume then began to scrub her back; Gina was sitting in a Jacuzzi, clouds of pink foam swirling around her. She laughed at me, and then she said. “Why don’t you undress, then you and Mr. Twinkle can join me, there is room here for the three of us.
I love this perfume, and stop looking so confused; I told you I had a surprise for you, I can see how Mister Twinkle is starting to take a shine to my idea”.
Lucky Bob had told me once. “Never start doing something for a woman, that you don´t want to do for the rest of your life.” Following his advice I said. “Before I climb in with you Gina there is something you need to know. I like a woman to bring me coffee in bed on the weekends”. She nodded her head said, “We have a deal, if you don´t mind sleeping on the sofa tonight, It is only furniture in the house. Now you better get in here with me because Mr. Twinkle has just now grown into Mister Majestic.”
Later that night it was impossible for me to sleep, my mind kept going over the events of this extraordinary experience. I thought about the possibilities of a life totally different than the one I have been living for the last fifteen years. I had more than enough money to make Gina a permanent part of my future and could afford to buy and furnish this house.
As the morning sunlight began to filter across the room, I studied outline of Gina´s face. At that moment she awoke, reached out to me and put her head on my chest, smiled then kissed me and said, “Good morning Mr. Majestic, I like espresso with a little cream and sugar, and toast with butter and strawberry jam please. You will find everything in the fridge and the cabinet over the sink.”
I dressed, and made her breakfast, when I brought it to her; she asked me what my plans for the day were. “Well to tell you the truth, my plans are to examine the rest of the house. Call The Appraisers of Las Vegas today, and find out exactly what this house is worth Gina, Then call my investment banker. That is if you approve, of course. Then tonight I want to take you to my penthouse that has a very comfortable bed and much later fix you dinner.”
“Joe you have convinced me, I think it is a wonderful plan .But what about Jack?” The answer came to me in a flash. “I´ll tell the doorman he is my long lost cousin, and if he expects a Christmas bonus he will immediately see the family resemblance.” Still naked, she jumped of the sofa. “Jack, oh my God! I forgot all about him, he needs to go for his morning walk and do his thing.”She kissed me, got dressed, and then went out the door, leaving the lingering fragrance of French perfume behind her.
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