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Default Re: Potential Beginner Looking to Learn Engraving in NJ

Originally Posted by riversedgehobbyengraver View Post
Hi Bildio:

I use a system3 and hammer & chisle. GRS sold an optional "heavy" piston for the system3, I don't know if they are still availible but, as you spend more time at the bench, you will likely deciede the more options for your equipment the better.

I took an NRA class is North Carolina in 2009 I was exposed to the Lindsay Sharpening system. As a rank beginner I was able to make better cuts using the graver sharpened with the Lindsay System.
Good to hear from you, & thanks for the info.

I only have the rotary handpiece for the GRS System 3.

Since I originally posted, I did get the Lindsay Classic PalmControl with some of the sharpening templates, stones, & laps. I'm very pleased with what I have so far, however, I'll be adding more to the PalmControl, like the tungsten piston.
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