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Default Potential Beginner Looking to Learn Engraving in NJ

I'm am considering trying engraving as a hobby.

I recently got a GRS Ultra 850 rotary handpiece & the System 3 foot control. I also got Bill Janney's Carving Scroll DVD. The DVD shows how to carve on wood pistol grips. He uses the rotary rotary handpiece for most of the wood carving, & a GraverMax with handpiece & v-chisel for the outline. Seeing the latter got me interested in engraving, & surfing the net for information got me to this forum.

After browsing the forum, seeing the beautiful engravings done by members of the forum, & seeing the Lindsay engraving tools, I am interested in learning to engrave as a hobby.

I'm considering a broad range of starter tool options: push, hammer, adding the GRS System 3 handpiece to my 850, GraverSmith, & the ultimate would be the Lindsay Classic palm airgraver.

Does anyone know of any hobby level groups or engraving classes preferably in Monmouth County NJ?
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