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Wink The Good Dr.Borsi

Feeling better and I love my new Doctor
It is amazing how much energy was drained from me by a chicken pox virus. This is the first time that my brain is functioning with any clarity in three weeks and I owe it all to my new Italian doctor. As you might know medical practice is socialized here. This means that all the treatments I have received are free of charges. This is so much different than the services I received in the U.S.
My first visit with Dr.Borsi was to say at least unique.His office is one small room. There is no nurse, receptionist, billing clerk and no doctor in a white coat. The waiting room has a few mixed chairs, plain walls with no medical certificates in gilded frames. For my first visit I was taken there by Franca.”You are going to love this doctor she said.”With skepticism I mumbled humm. “Joseph, you should ask who was the last person in line to see the good doctor? And then wait until that person had their visit and left his office. Then leave the door open for the next patient when the doctor is done with you.”It seemed to me that the procession of patient’s went in and out at the rate of one every ten minutes. It was not long before I got to see the doctor. For a moment I thought he was one of my pals from my hippy days. We shook hands, I then explained my symptoms in a combination of Italian and Spanish with hand gestures and English thrown in for emphasis. He asked me to drop my pants and then looked at the rash that had turned into burning sores on my upper leg and thigh. He patted me on my shoulder saying “This is a classic, it should be photographed and put in a text book.”Then went to a cabinet and came back with a syringe, filled it with something, turned me around, rubbed me with some antiseptic and jabbed the needle into my thigh muscle, rubbed it, then patted me on the butt, went to his desk and wrote a prescription while I fastened my pants, handed it to me saying “Come tomorrow for your next shot.”He never asked my age, medical history or took my blood pressure. What do I owe you ? I asked my good doctor. His reply, “ Nothing I can tell you are a good guy” It has been ten days and I am feeling much better, the sores are healing and I have found out that my Doctor loves to play poker. If I ever set down to a gaming table with him I shall try and be kind.
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