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Default Re: Lindsay Classic or gravermach for brightcut work?

The reason for the idle of the design is that it prevents jumps that can sometimes occur with the spring-pulse design. The idea is similar to a car engine, if the tool is already running there is no chance of it jumping like starting your car in gear. The Omega has a 1/2" bore in it while the Classic has a 5/16. Attached is a picture of the two pistons. Because the Omega's piston is larger and heavier, the Omega will be felt more in comparison to the Classic. With the heavy piston slug in the Omega, there is no way to avoid some feeling it. I discontinued the Omega at the time that I figured out a way to make a dead blow bore for the Classic. If you try a Classic I think you'll like it. PM or email to let me know what area of the country you are located in and I'll check to see if there is a Classic near by.

The earlier Classics had a 3/8" bore in them. With the 5/16" bore using a removable sleeve I was able to turn away part of the outside diameter of the sleeve and that made a second chamber. This chamber is ported to the rear chamber behind the piston with 4 small holes. What this did was make the 5/16" piston give more of a hesitation in the back stroke which increased the back stroke when the piston changed direction. This is allowing more of a dead blow effect during impact. The end result is less vibration while increasing the power range. The idle of the 5/16" dead blow bore can be set down so low that you almost have to hold it up to your ear to hear it. If the tools get oil in them they won't idle as fine and then you know it is time to clean the piston and bore.

Here are recording of bright flare cutting with the AirGraver which were done when I engraved for Brannen Brothers from 1994 through 2007, engraving 30 to 35 flutes a month. The flute lip plates are bright cut and also the BBC logo and lettering on barrels and head joint tubes. The flutes are made of silver, 14k rose gold and once in a while platinum. Here is a video of the engraving of a barrel. For flare cuts of the BBC logo I use the Calligraphy point and lay it over.
Here are two videos of cutting the logo on head joint tubes:

Shot of one of the 14k lip plates
Steve Lindsay
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