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Default Re: Any one teaching in southern California

Hi Btatu,

My name is Doug Hall and I live in the northern part of San Diego. I'm not really offering instruction, per se, but a chance to try out the equipment. If you're already successfully tattooing, it's a much flatter learning curve to add engraving to your repertoire. I can give you some basic introductory pointers, and you should be able to take it from there, especially with all of the videos and tips that are available on this site, and a few others. I've got a Palm Control engraver, a number of sharpening templates, a scope, and a whole lot of other metal-working toys. You can contact me and we can set up some time for you to come over and try out the engraver. I usually get home from work around 5pm, and weekends are a mixed bag. I live right by the intersection of I-15 and the 56 (Ted Williams Pkwy) in Rancho Penasquitos.

Hm: (858) 484-9023
Cell: (858) 335-6002

Best regards,
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