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Default Need a little guidance/help…

Hey guys, I’m obviously a beginner and running into an annoying problem. When i make curved cuts i see irregularities through my scope on the corners. I.E. it appears “choppy” not smooth. Straight cuts turn out fine and do not exhibit this error. I am using the Lindsay universal point that shipped with my airgraver classic palm control, half of the first circle covered (shorter stroke length) and psi set at 40.

Can this error be attributed to:
- too much vibration?
-too large of a heel?
-poor technique, ie inconsistant cutting pressure or speed?
-graver not sharpened properly?

I have included a pic of a caduceus i attempted to engrave on a quarter, these errors are hard to see with the naked eye but show up under the scope

I appreciate any guidance/help!
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