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I will try to make you a video one day very soon, to show you the difference..

But to try to explain..

If you want to draw in eg Affinity Photo, all your drawings will be raster.. or maybe easier to understand pixels.. drawing in pixels can have a nice look, depending on what you want to draw.

Drawing in vector, is all mathematical.. and it means, if you draw a line or a curve, you can change the size, width, and even the shape of the curve after, make it any size, without changing the quality.. you can "blow it up" a million times, and the line will still look super clear.

The more you open up a pixel drawing, you will see the pixels.. and doesn't look good.

So if you have a drawing and want to import that drawing to Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer and trace outlines for example to transfer to something to engrave, I would say Affinity Designer is a much better option (of course you have to learn a little about vector).

I was making two lines in Affinity Designer in iPad Pro, the one to the left, is raster/pixels and the one to the right is vector.. and you can see the difference.

May I ask exactly what you are going to use your drawings for? :-)

If you are going to draw with the mouse on the computer, I would say vector is a lot easier.. anyway :-)

The vector line I can edit, change and adjust exactly like I want, at any point.. the pixel line, is more or less stuck as it is :-)
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