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Default Payaso y Mujer

El Payaso y La Mujer
As I am for the moment out of engraving enthusiasm, due to diminishing patience, eyesight, and control over my no longer rock steady hands, and as I want to keep posting something. Here are a couple of new paintings that have absolutely no connection with engraving.
When I retired as a fulltime gun engraver I made myself a vow, to never engrave another Pheasant, Quail, Duck, Deer, Elk, Moose or another darn Goose, nor any other game animal for that matter.
I decided that I wanted to paint things that in reality don’t exist.
First I painted words like DNA, religion, war, etc.(see my album) This time I wanted to do something very profound and full of hidden glimpses into the mind of my subject. Unfortunately the more I studied, the less I saw within that well of learning, trying, and joyous artistic suffering; as you can plainly see this is very serious portrait of me.
I showed to Franca and her comment was. ”It looks like it was painted by a child.”
I agreed because that is what I enjoy being best, even at seventy two. So I did another and Franca upon seeing it smiled and said “You are a true genius, I love it.” I never will understand the feminine mind. I hope these colored squares give every one a bit of cheer.
Have a great day, and always walk on the sunny side of life!
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