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Unhappy Re: Unacceptable failure???

How are you doing? How long ago did this happen? I hope you are going to be ok! I know I fear something happening to my hands- kinda freak when I hurt my hands. First I get mad- like that is going to fix anything, but it is a natural reaction. Sounds like you might have some stitches if you went to the ER. I know for me that would be worse than a stubbed toe.
My son is always giving me knives for gifts. I think it is his way of taking care of mom, of course I think it cute. He explains how it works and shows me how to open and close the blade. I won't tell him (because I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings for the world) but I don't trust folders. I like a fixed blade if I need to cut something.
Sorry that happened to you. Please let us know how you are doing. Take good care of yourself.
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