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Default Re: The $$$700,000.000.00 BAIL OUT, What You Think???

I only have one thing to consider for my family. As a retail jewelry craftsman serving the middle class, most of the payments I receive are by charge card. If the plastic fails I can't say if I'd still have a business. When a young guy wants a fancy wedding ring out comes the plastic. Most of the rings I make are peoples dream rings, often the largest jewelry purchase of their lives so they need credit for this long term investment.

Also, the government is printing all this money in the back room to pay people up front. What's gonna happen to the dollar's international value?
If I were president I would bring our military home ASAP. Put all the junk in moth balls and rely on good nukes, the MAD doctrine along with a reasonably sized military. Position the troops at the border working customs to ferret out smuggled nuclear devices and keep illegal aliens out. I'd make a truce with al quaida and get off their turf. I'd forget about our petroleum based national security interests (really just acting on exxons behalf) figuring if we're gentleman anyone will be happy to sell us their oil. And I'd legalize drugs and tax them like alcohol and tobacco and stop wasting resources on the bogus war on drugs (which is really just cutting out the competition for the big pharmaceutical companies). This is just wasting money incarcerating inner city minority youth and wrecking their lives with jail records and and contributing to the cause gangland violence. We could be using all that incarceration money on educating people about the dangers of addiction and providing career skills. The tax dollars from pot could be used to help our bankrupt government. The real benefit would come by redirecting money to the legitimate economy by allowing many middle class pot heads to spend there money on jewelry and consumer products (thereby helping the economy) instead of having it go to drug cartels. Remember the great depression also followed a war on drugs, the prohibition of alcohol preceded it. With my plan we could have a booming economy in about 3 years and begin real progress paying down the debt. We would also be more secure having given up the purchase of foreign enemies by our in your face behavior.
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