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Default Re: Shading practice

Sorry for leaving you hangin' Steve ....

Yep ... things that you would think make sense don't. The gurus sure are doing some wild stuff.

The best advice I got on shading was from Lee Griffiths regarding the use of lines vs lines + cross hatching.

The best advice I got from Christian D. was when he flamed me on the other forum about using a pencil. It really is all in the pencil. The technicalities of graver geometry are so subtle that it becomes the personal preference of the artist. The average person wouldn't know the difference but the trained eye does. At our level, it's still experimentation in the challenge of developing that trained eye.

A polished graver does make a darker mark but a wider graver also reflects more light at certain angles. I would think a narrow polished graver would do the trick and that's where things that should make sense don't. I do like the 90 better and does require going much deeper to get the right width of the cut.

Catch ya later ... .. .
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