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Default Re: Shading practice


Don't forget that Chris DeCamillus recently found that with a highly polished graver you actually get darker shading with wider gravers.

There's a clip from his video available where he shows how lines from a 120 look darker than lines from a 70.

And I think I know why too - in the clip he cleans the lines with acetone to show there's nothing darkening them. While they're wet with acetone the narrower lines darker, as you'd expect, but as it drys the wider lines become the darkest.

I think what's happening is that with the highly polished graver the cuts are mirror bright so while they do reflect the light better they reflect it only in a very sharply defined line and since they're reflecting all of the light they look dead black from any other angle. The wider cuts make wider 'black spots' so they look darker.

But mostly I agree with Chapi - shading in engraving is surprisingly 'deep' for such shallow cuts.

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