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Default Re: Multi-Dimensional Sterling Bracelet

Before heading off to the jewelry store, I flattened the western piece and shortened it by almost 3/8" on each end. I then engraved "my mark" on the back and reshaped it around the mandrel. Number "001" as the this is the first and made upon request of the store.


Some things had to go out the window ... like the square wire to separate the two pieces. Even annealed it was too hard to shape for proper assembly so I used a beaded wire of similar thickness. It was easy to bend.

It was tack soldered in a few spots to hold it together then the rest was soldered all the way around ... every other inch.

Here boric acid is painted on the surface to prevent excessive discoloration from the heat.

This next step is where flux is brushed along the edge.

Then pieces of silver solder were placed on the edge and heated until they melted....using sweeping motions with the torch so as not to melt the bracelet.

The thick decorative wire edge was very difficult to form. It had to be annealed with the torch then soldered to one end .... soldering and holding as it was worked around the edge. It was done in two pieces ... meeting at the both ends of the bracelet.

It looked pretty rough after the heat (sorry no picture as I got a little obsessive about how this was going to turn out.

After dropping this in the ultrasonic cleaner with detergent and ammonia, things were looking good. The Argentium picked up very light hughes of pink, light blue, and straw as well as white leaving a pearl like coloration on the polished surface. Argentium was a good choice for the bottom piece. With this nice contrast, the antiquing of the top was abandoned for a high polish luster. The colors in the background really seem to move as the light hits the bright cuts.

I also tossed aside the half round bead that was intended for the inside edge of the rope border. Thought it looked just fine without it ... besides, we were running out of silver solder.

Here's the completed bracelet ...

I sure learned quite a bit on this. Going over the top is always the best way to learn anyhow!! I learned how to solder, how Argentium reacts to heat and how to make a double layer bracelet. Whew ... time for nap.

Thanks for following along ... I think it came out pretty good even though a little different than what I expected.