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Default Re: Multi-Dimensional Sterling Bracelet

Here's a couple of fotos to illustrate how the sawing is done. I think I counted 39 holes which means that one end of the saw blade has to be pushed through the tape at each hole and reconnected to the blade clamp on the saw.

Yep ... that saw is a lot older than I am. So is my friend Don. He refused to have is picture taken for this. I met him at the 140th Gettysburg reenactment back in "ot 3". At the time I was burned out of computer work and looking for a new career. He suggested engraving. I thought about it and then sold everything. I'm glad I took the advice of that old guy telling stories in the woods at Gettysburg.

Here's the rough cutout.

This piece now goes back into my engraving vise where I will use small files to clean up the edges, then a 45 and 40 flat to sculpt the scroll. I think metal removal is far more efficient than metal displacement.

See you Monday as I'll be getting ready for the Harrisburg, PA show with Ron P. Nott. Looks like this tutorial will squeak in just under the wire.

Catch ya later,