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Default Re: Multi-Dimensional Sterling Bracelet

Here's a photo of the polished and cleaned Argentium bright cut (above) along with the open-work ready for the hand saw. The scroll outline has been cut with a 120 degree graver and the holes have been drilled for the saw blade to be put through and reconnected. I opted to have the scrolls flowing in the same direction to compliment one another.

I cheated on the hole drilling ... too lazy to take the silver out of the engraving block so I used a high speed rotary with a carbide tip which I plunged through the silver. A drill press would've been far better.

We're off to Don Ried's underground pewter shop to break his saw blades and good a good home cooked meal The open-work will be wrapped in clear packing tape before cutting to minimize scratches as the work is held in the clamp. Photos to follow. Gotta get "dum dum" in the truck and get on over there.

I'll be ordering the silver for the border from Rio Grande ... something decorative in solid and half round sterling wire.

I'll get to the soldering section next week after this piece has been sculpted. I'll be using flats and a large round heeled graver fabricated from a to follow of course.

Catch ya later,