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Default Re: Multi-Dimensional Sterling Bracelet

Well ... just as my audience has gotten comfy ....

I've decided to go to a thicker piece of silver for this "open-work" ... I will need to order 20 gauge for the top. I could proceed with 22 gauge but there just isn't enough "meat" to work with. I could just 2 dimensionally shade the silver but I really want some 3D aspect to this.

Here's a quick design I've come up with. "KISS" as my Dad always says ... "Keep it Simple Stupid" ... hmmm sometimes I wonder if he was referring to me.

Anyway ... leaves have been truncated because we want a lot of open space. I've shaded part of it to give you idea what it will look like. There's going to be alot going on in this piece so keeping it simple won't actually look so simple in the finished product. Especially after it has been bent around a mandrel.

I'll think on this design while I wait for the thicker silver to show up.

I've left a border around the inside of the edge for any heat issues that might come up with the soldering. This also gives me some space to either do an engraved border of something different or solder some silver or gold chain there and on the outer edge. The "x" marks indicate the materal that will be sawed out. Connect points have been strategically positioned by guesstimation and these will support the entire design as it is formed around the mandrel.

Thanks for lookin' on ... See you when the thicker silver gets here .... either Friday or Monday.


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