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Default Multi-Dimensional Sterling Bracelet

(If you would like to comment on this submission, you may do so by posting a reply in this thread. Thanks! Kaitlin)

Hello folks ....

I believe I will jump in this since the completion deadline isn't till September. I finally got a project that didn't begin before the contest started and something that I can complete before it ends.

After hours of pacing the floor, staring at the walls of my studio/bunker and wandering aimlessly through the woods in an effort to qualm the manic, obsessive compulsive, self inflicted anxiety of whether or not I can pull this off ... you'll have a chance to see exactly what I have come up with. It's all in my head right now ... only the task of making it tangeable remains.

This project will be a multi-dimensional silver cuff bracelet. It will be made from standard sterling, Argentium sterling and maybe some gold. The techniques will be taken from readily available firearms engraving tutorials and will also include western bright cut engraving. There are a number of techniques that I will be learning along the way such as sculpted scroll and silver soldering. Sculpted scroll is a hint but 3 dimensions is simply NOT enough!!

This bracelet will be professionally photographed and entered in a jewelry competition upon its completion.

The silver will show up Monday. I'll put some artwork together over the weekend. All 100% original drawings will be used.

So ... grab a chair and a cold drink and enjoy and learn with me as I take this different idea from concept to completion.