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Default Re: R U a Cowboy Action Shooter?

Hey Roger, CAS shooter for a couple of years. I shoot with the Firelands Peacemakers. I have been diligently practicing on plates for about a year and a half, as well as accumulating tools. I read on a knife making forum once, that knife making is all about buying tools, then you die. Sounds similar to my engraving path so far. Eventually I'll have everything I need (Ha!). I'm currently a full time Police officer, and have about three and a half years to go before I retire. I can go now, but my plan is for another 3+. I stumbled on this thread trying to figure out some others thoughts on engraving Ruger revolvers. I was planning on trying the frame and ejector rod housing which are an aluminum alloy, under the theory that I can always replace them if I screw them up. (Gunsmithing 101, always work on the cheapest part). Regardless, I'm still in the research phase, as I don't have confidence in my skills enough yet. Maybe see you at a match sometime. When I do pul the pin, all I want to do is shoot cowboy, engrave, and hunt and fish.
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